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4GZ series sugarcane harvester (4GZ-56, 4GZ-91 series) is a series of products independently developed and produced by the
company. It has the advantages of convenient field walking and use, good harvesting effect, strong separation and harvesting
ability for lodging and/or staggered winding sugarcane, convenient collection of sugarcane sections, high degree of automation
and low manufacturing cost. Under the condition of keeping the same operation performance as foreign similar products, the
price is far lower than foreign imported products, and the adaptability is better than domestic similar products. It can be used in
various sugarcane planting areas in China. It has a high cost performance ratio and is the first domestic sugarcane harvester
pushed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its main characteristics are:

Large horsepower assembly, high productivity, harvest 10 tons / hour, is 100 times as artificial.

Complete the combined operation of removing tip, supporting sugarcane, cutting, cutting, separating impurities, lifting and loading
without manual assistance.

(2) rubber track design for mountain operations with a certain gradient.

The design of segmented movable chassis effectively reduces the impact of sugarcane fields with poor planting
conditions on harvesting operations.

Vibration design of front-end inlet can effectively control sugarcane feeding during operation so as to keep uniform
working speed without blocking.

The weight of the machine is lighter, which reduces the harmful compaction of the cultivated land and will not
damage the cane head.

The machine has small outline size and light weight, so as to reduce the turning radius effectively.

The ability to separate and harvest sugarcane with serious lodging and / or intertwined twining is strong.

The yield of sugarcane after cutting is low, which effectively reduces the sugar content in sugarcane.To effectively
separate the branches and leaves of sugarcane after cutting, so as to reduce the impurity content of sugarcane.

Slope design of 15 degree extension of crawler can effectively avoid unnecessary wastage of machine caused by
impurities involved in operation.

Rice seedling plant complete set of equipment products is the company's independent R & D and production of
products, set of electromechanical, standardized, automated into one, is a modern agricultural engineering and
agronomic technology. Its characteristics are:

The humidity and temperature can be controlled, and the seedlings can be cultivated under the best environmental

To achieve quantitative positioning sowing and save seeds.

A small floor area can save more than 60% of the land in the nursery land, and the unit cost will be reduced by
more than 20%.

Under the bad seedling rate, the rate of seedling raising is as high as 95%, and the rice yield is increased.

Ride-type rice transplanter is the company's independent R & D and production of products, small gasoline engine
for power, four-wheel drive, ride-type CVT. The product features include:

The planting depth and spacing of basic seedlings can be adjusted quantitatively, and the population quality of
seedlings is easy to control and has wide adaptability.

High-speed transplanting, high efficiency, hourly throwing transplanting as high as 6 mu, is 80 times as artificial, and
energy consumption is low, only 0.8-1 litre of oil per mu.

Equipped with strong power, stable performance, high reliability and continuous operation time.

It has a hydraulic profiling system, and the stability of paddy field is strong.

Adopt four wheel drive and continuously variable transmission to improve mobility and mobility.

The seedlings were fast green, and the lodging resistance was strong. The yield per mu increased by more than

Independent suspension system, small vibration, flexible, comfortable and safe operation.

Full-feed rice harvester is a new product upgraded and transformed according to the specific agricultural conditions
on the basis of the traditional combine harvester in China. Compared with similar harvesters, the main features of
the product are as follows:

The operation of paddy field and small plot has high stability and passability, which is suitable for the environment
operation with deep mud foot and high moisture content of paddy in double cropping rice planting area in southern

It can harvest rice and other crops with serious lodging.

Automatic precision detection, low stubble, good effect of straw crushing.

Bring large capacity grain storage box and automatic conveying grain unloading cylinder with low labor intensity.

Import engine configuration, low fuel consumption, strong power, large feed volume, smooth flow and high efficiency.

Stepless speed change, extended and widened track, hydraulic steering system, one-bar operation, stable
performance, flexible steering, simple operation

Reserved multi-interface can be used for harvesting rice, wheat, rape and other crops through special components.

4LBZ series semi-feeding rice harvester is a new generation of rice harvester independently developed and produced
by the company. The product has won many honors: 4LBZ-180 and 4LBZ-200 semi-feeding rice harvesters were
appraised by the National Development and Reform Commission as "filling the gaps in China, with international
advanced level"; 4LBZ series semi-feeding rice harvesters were appraised as "advanced level in the world"; "China
Machinery Industry Science and Technology Third Prize"; Four key parts of half-feeding harvester, such as CVT drive
system, cutting table, threshing assembly and lawn cutter, are listed as the only substitute imported parts by the state;
4LBZ-148, 4LBZ-148C and 4LBZ-180 semi-feeding rice harvesters are all included in the national and local
(Guangdong Province) Purchase subsidy policy for agricultural machinery. The main features of the product are as

It is more suitable for the main rice producing areas with hilly, rainy and seasonal variations in southern China
because of its stable reliability, good adaptability and wet field trafficability.

It can harvest serious lodging rice lodging within 85 degrees.

It can finish harvesting, transportation, threshing and cleaning, grain collection and stalk treatment at a time.

A threshing system consisting of double threshing, double cleaning and double fans ensures high precision threshing
and cleaning.

Large area mixed structure concave screen and vibrating screen threshing performance is better, more suitable for
high-yield crops.

(2) rice and wheat harvest can be carried out across the country.

There are three kinds of straw treatment methods: cutting, stripping and stacking to reduce the impact of burning
straw on the environment and traffic, and to meet the social requirements for environmental protection.

The efficiency of 4LBZ-180 is 1.8 meters, and the harvest is 10 mu per hour, 100 times that of manual labor.

High horsepower, HST, extended and widened caterpillar and durable and reliable gear train to achieve a variety of
farmland environment simple and efficient operation